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Naruto Gaiden  by Sazawen
Naruto Gaiden
So there it is! The new team, with Boruto, Mitsuki and Sarada! I love them so much even if we haven't seen a lot of the two boys! 
I was thinking... Mitsuki is probably a member of the Toneri's family but Toneri decide to never come on earth. So what if Orochimaru did go on the moon and take some Toneri's cells? I don't know it was a theory like that xD 

On this draw I wanted to draw them when they listen to Sasuke. He is explaining something and Boruto is just like: Wouaaah! *w*, Sarada is like: Ovo, and Mitsuki is just like meeeh whatever ~~ 

Hope you like it!

Draw and colo: by me
With: Paint tool Sai
Characters belongs to Masashi Kishimoto!

                                                                   /!\ I've forgot to put Sarada's glasses sorry T--T /!\
WIP Naruto Gaiden by Sazawen
WIP Naruto Gaiden
A WIP of my next work! I was so inspired tonight! :D I just love this trio Boruto is awesome, Mitsuki is mysterious and geogous and I want to protect him, Sarada is in gold! Chouchou isn't on this pic but I love her aswell! Well I hope I can finish this for tomorow?! :D

Draw: By me
Characters belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.
You are allowed to take it to color it ONLY if you credit me, and if you show me your final colo! 
Sword Art Online Fairy by Sazawen
Sword Art Online Fairy
So there it is a Fairy from SAO wich was a "comission" from my friend Grisou (you can find her DA there:
It was really fun to me to did her because I'm not use to do such big eyes but she's so cute! :3 I hope you like it!

Colo: by me
With: Paint tool Sai
Time: 4 hours
KnB Extra Game ~~ Kuroko vs Nash Gold by Sazawen
KnB Extra Game ~~ Kuroko vs Nash Gold
Hi everyone! :D
So there it is another fan art of the match Jabberwock vs Vorpal Sword!
I have to explain what's happening here I think :p
So Kuroko decide to use his Misdirection overflow because can see him so it's quite a problem... He wants to use his misdirection overflow but Nash stop him and make him fall on the floor. Then he talks shits on Kuroko to break him down (just like Akashi did in the Rakuzan vs Seirin match but in even worst). 

I would be so happy if something like that happen in the manga because Nash did a physical injury to Kuroko so now he had to do a mental injuries to him :D (I'm not sadist I swear... Well maybe a little bit but it's for sake of drama!) And then after Nash talk shits on Kuroko, Akashi is mad a awaken his other personnalities (yellow eye) and he gang bang all the Jabberwock ! ^o^

Nash is a trash, but I don't know I'm quite curious in his character. I want to see him play, and talk he interest me in a kind of a way... But he need to be slap because he is a racist and racist aren't good personn :(! (I sound like a child by saying that xD)

Drawing: Done by me
Colo: by me
With: Paint tool Sai
Jellal levez de soleil by Sazawen
Jellal levez de soleil
A quick drawing of my manga Vasaïma ^^ Hope you guys like it! 

Drawing: by me
Colo: by me
With: Paint tool Sai
Time: less than 1 hour


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
South Africa
Je suis française, en terminale. Je dessine depuis la troisème et fait des colos depuis deux a peu près. :)

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