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Episode 16 Kuroko no basket by Sazawen
Episode 16 Kuroko no basket
Soon I will post a lot of art of: Kuroko no basket, Fairy Tail, colaborations and commands, some of Naruto, and draws done by me for my book :3 But I have exam to pass before so I can't post anything right now :'(.
This episode was so sad... Episode 15 is sad but, episode 16 will be the saddest of all. I've never cried in front of a manga (except for Naruto) but I looked this episode twice a cried twice... I'm weak... But tumblr posts, make me feel good, because I am not alone to feel that way xD Yeah, we all jump together in the big canyon of the KnB- feels ~~

I've done this image just beaucse I wanted to show how mean the GoM have been with Kuroko. That's really a hard feeling to fell useless to your teammates AND bestfriends... But we don't care because they are all in a team right now: Vorpal Sword and all will be okay? (I don't really think so but maybe? x) )  
[Nail Saga] Nail! (fan art) by Sazawen
[Nail Saga] Nail! (fan art)
Hey everyone! I have a lot of colo in progress, and this is one that I've just finish! This boy is from a manga Nail Saga, and I'm just a big fan of this manga! :D You can read it here in english:…
or here in french:…

I don't have much to say about it... Was fun to do his hair, and new for me! I have to practise more with clothes and the skin, and one day I will be able to make something correct with it xD
I hope you like it!

Drawing: by me
Done with: Paint Tool Sai
Time: 5-6 hours
For: Dave-x his DA gallery is here (

Fan art of Nail, I don't own any copyright! Original character from Dave-x ^^ 
Kuroko no Basket Extra Game ~~ Chapter 2 by Sazawen
Kuroko no Basket Extra Game ~~ Chapter 2
Hey guys!
This chapter of KnB just killed me! X.X I knew Kuroko will be hurt but i didn't expect it to come so fast!
And Nash Gold immediatly saw him when he enters with Kagetora in the room... So I think this will play a lot in the match... I just can't wait for next chapter :DD!

It's the 1st time I think that I put so much effect on a drawing. What do you think of it? Is it too much or is it okay? 

Colo: by me
Done with: Paint tool Sai
KnB Extra Game~~ Aomine and Kise by Sazawen
KnB Extra Game~~ Aomine and Kise
It took me so loooong to do that X.X I think I'm half dead right now... I have drawn and have done the colo myself and it was exausting! But I quite like the result! Even if I can see three or for four things to change I don't have any more battery right now xD! I just caaan't wait to see the next chapters! It's so sad that a chapter come out every two months! T.T (But we have season 3 yeaaah ~~)! What to do you think of it? :) 

Done by: Me
Done with: Paint tool sai
Time: Around 16-20 hours I tjink, yes this was quite long X.X
These character aren't owned by me! This is Aomine and Kise from Kuroko no Basket EXTRA GAME! :D

Hope you like it ~~ 
Kuroko no Basket ~ Preview  Aomine and Kise by Sazawen
Kuroko no Basket ~ Preview Aomine and Kise
A WIP of Aomine and Kise in the match aignst the American team! I havn't done Kise and the background yet but there is Aomine :) Hope you like and see you next week I hope for the entire colo!

Drawing AND colo done by me.
I do not owned this character. 


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South Africa
Je suis française, en terminale. Je dessine depuis la troisème et fait des colos depuis deux a peu près. :)

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